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Birthstone Earrings Gold

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Since ancient times it is widely believed that wearing your birthstone is a symbol of wellness and good fortune. With each of the 12 birthstones beholding its own special qualities, you may gravitate towards a pair that aligns with your birth month or prefer to select a stone that resonates with you.

Each set of earrings comes individually packaged on a foil stamped backing card within a beautiful Cloud Nine gift box. Mix and match with our Birthstone Necklaces to complete your look.

Dimensions: 8mm x 5mm
Materials: 14k gold or rose gold plated (3micron) or solid sterling silver
Posts: sterling silver

Stone: Garnet
Meaning: Protection
A blood red gem, the garnet birthstone represents peace, prosperity and good health and is the stone of January born (loyal and hardworking leaders). Often called the ‘Gem of Faith’ -  those who wear garnet are said to be honourable and have an abundance of good things come their way and are also protected from harm - making it the ultimate good luck charm too!

Stone: Amethyst
Meaning: Wisdom
A deep dark purple, the amethyst birthstone is grounding in nature, colour and power providing a nurturing offering for February born (intelligent, artistic and rebellious). Made of quartz - one of the most abundant materials found in the earth’s crust - it’s durable and everlasting and the perfect stone to hold tight to when looking for stability, courage, clarity or strength. 

Stone: Crystal
Meaning: Strength
The most crystal clear of birthstones, April born (adventurous, caring, diplomatic) are destined for diamonds. While coveted as a symbol of love and everlasting eternity, diamonds also have a rich history of healing and are said to cure ailments associated with the brain and bloodstream. As the diamond is the strongest of all precious gems, it’s also believed that those who wear diamonds will develop the same strength as the stone according to ancient mythology.

Stone: Emerald (Dyed Jade alternative)
Meaning: Hope
A green as rich as the forest, the emerald birthstone is an opulent stone fit for a queen and was Cleopatra’s jewel of choice, said to be tied to good fortune, faith and love, making it a fitting choice for all May goddesses (empathetic, spirited and imaginative). It’s also said to symbolise loyalty, new beginnings, love and romance, so wear it close to bring in loving energy and fulfil your fortune.  

Stone: Sapphire (Lapis alternative)
Meaning: Intuition
A blue as deep as the ocean, the September birthstone possesses the same great wisdom of the sea, naturally encouraging clarity and nobility. Possessing a wealth of power, allowing the wearer to uphold integrity and focus while staying grounded and confident - making it a stunning choice for September born (calm, clever and well travelled) or for someone needing wisdom, clarity, confidence.

Stone: Citrine
Meaning: Abundance
With a golden orange glow, the citrine birthstone is uplifting like the sun, radiating positivity, growth and abundance. By tapping into the powers of citrine, November born (strong willed, inquisitive and inspired thinkers) will let go of negativity, spark creativity and call in new possibilities. It is also said to boost spirits and offer a burst of creativity or self growth for those lost. 

Stone: Turquoise
Meaning: Truth
Teal blue in tone, the turquoise birthstone is believed to bring good luck, victory and personal success. With a transformative nature that rejuvenates the mind and body, December borns (ambitious, generous and influential) who keep turquoise in their toolkit will enhance intuition and release inhibitions, allowing the soul to run free while being gifted support, empowerment and self expression.